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AdvantEdge™ Portal

AdvantEdge™ Portal

Boost Your Pharmacy’s Profitability

Manage your generic compliance ratio (GCR%), identify and remedy challenges, and watch your profits grow.

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AAPA AdvantEdge™ today.

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Independent Pharmacy’s Most Impactful Technology PlatformEasy-to-understand visual dashboards and near real-time metrics help you:


Monitor your performance

Streamline your data insights

Streamline your data insights

Make proactive  buying decisions

Make proactive buying decisions

Optimize your profitability

Optimize your profitability

Everything You Need — In Just a Few Clicks

Your GCR scorecard is your instant profitability tracker. Instead of spending days or weeks chasing and organizing your pharmacy’s performance data, you’ll get a month-to-date summary of:

Everything You Need — In Just a Few Clicks Everything You Need — In Just a Few Clicks
  • Total brand and generic drug spend
  • Generic compliance rate (GCR) percentage
  • Spend to your next rebate tier
  • Estimated current rebate
  • Estimated rebate on your next tier
  • Net effective rebate
Save Proactively  Save  Proactively

Save Proactively

What if you knew on April 25 that you only needed to spend $371 by April 30 to boost your rebate to $3,654?

With near real-time data, AAPA AdvantEdge™ equips you with the knowledge you need to make proactive, meaningful buying decisions.