Accelerate your independent pharmacy’s profitability and growth by joining the nation’s fastest growing independent pharmacy GPO.

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Increase profitability with the deepest, most aggressive brand and generic drug discounts and rebates available.


Build for today and tomorrow with business insights and guidance from AAPA's board of pharmacy owners.


Receive support with advocacy services that safeguard your role and success throughout the care continuum.

Consider us a Super Advocate for your independent pharmacy.

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“If you are not with AAPA, you are probably paying too much for medications. AAPA gives us access to unbeatable pricing and a great network of support.”

- Hashim Zaibak Owner, Hayat Pharmacy, Milwaukee, WI AAPA member since 2013

“The AAPA has done a lot for us, unifying our voices to get the best deals we can with our purchasing power. They help our bottom line. I’m happy that they are pushing forward and reaching out to nearby universities and colleges to support future pharmacists. To prospective members, I would say, ‘Don’t hesitate to join.’ ”

- Yasser Maisari AAPA member since 2013
The AdvantEdge™ Pharmacy Portal:  Your Competitive Edge

The AdvantEdge Pharmacy Portal: Your Competitive Edge

As an AAPA member, you get exclusive access to the AdvantEdge™ pharmacy portal. Make proactive buying decisions, remedy challenges, and track your profitability.

Plug into powerful, easy-to-understand visual dashboards and near real-time metrics, plus get instant access to information that would ordinarily take days or weeks to track down and organize.

Go Beyond Traditional Pharmacy Services

Go Beyond Traditional Pharmacy Services

Our buying programs bring you the deepest discounts avaible. But we don't stop there.

As a member, you also reap benefits beyond the drug discounts and rebates that most GPOs settle with. Access programs and networks that increase your brand's exposure, amplify your customer base, and create new lines of revenue for your pharmacy.

We Build the Network, You Reap the Benefits

AAPA members have access to new revenue streams and member-only discounts from leading vendor products, services, and solutions.

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