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With your AAPA Edge and Lincoln Benefits, you don’t have to be a benefits expert to take control of your pharmacy’s health benefits future. You just need better access to the benefit solutions that work!

As a benefits concierge company, we know what’s working on the healthcare delivery side and have created a unique platform for pharmacies and pharmacy-related businesses to access smarter, less expensive benefit solutions that provide a higher quality of care!

Through our AAPA Program, You will have Better Built Benefits for your Employees:

Our curated portfolio of benefit solutions includes:

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Level-funded Health Programs

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Medical Gap Plans


Limited Medical and MEC Plans

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Dental and Vision Plans

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Virtual Care Integration

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Patient Advocacy & Medical Bill Negotiation

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Employee Perks and Non-traditional Benefits


Get your AAPA Edge. Then contact us for a Discovery Call to take the next steps to learn about the key healthcare benefit solutions that can save you more and boost your independent pharmacy business while offering a benefit to your employees that other employers are unable to.